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The toothbrush

I bought a new toothbrush yesterday.

I took three with me when I moved out. Two manual ones I was using, and the electric one. You got the same electric one as me after a few months. For some reason, I can't bring myself to use it anymore. It just sits there, in the holder.

When I go to the dentist in a few weeks they'll probably tell me I've got 3 more cavities and need crowns on my back teeth. And I'll be forced to use the electric because the manual just doesn't do the job. But until then...I'll live in denial about the need for it.

The yellow and orange manual toothbrushes. When we went to Bradford with the kids, you didn't pack their toothbrushes. I mean, who does that. It's one of the basics, next to underpants. That pissed me off at the time and it does piss me off even now. If we were to get back together, would you really need me to pack a suitcase for everyone? point getting carried away with that frustration. The point is, once it became apparent I was the only one with a toothbrush, I went and picked up a multipack. There were two left over. I took them home with me and adopted them.

Now I have four toothbrushes in my holder. The electric one, the orange one, the yellow one and my new purple one. I'm pretending I'm still with everyone. That the electric one is yours. The yellow one is Sanyu's. The orange one is Jonathan's. And the purple one is mine.

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